Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few things to talk about a few days later...

There was pretty weather today. It only got up to about 65. I opened all the windows and sported a long sleeve tee with shorts and flip-flops (my year round attire of choice). Anakin and I played at his friend, Dean's house and when we got home, he went right up for a nap with no fuss.

This morning while I was folding clothes, Anakin kept messing with the covers. I told him "No, Mommy already made the bed, please don't mess it up" but he continued. So I decided to teach him how to make his bed and maybe this would help his perspective. We went into his room and straightened up the covers and I said good job and that was the end of it. Well when I went to get him "up" for his nap (I have no idea when he wakes up because he stays in there until I come release him) he said "mommy look at my bed!" Sure enough, he had "made" his bed. It was pretty messy but I could tell he tried and it was certainly an impressive quality considering it was done by a 2 year old! Awesome! I was so proud! I gave him lots of praise.

To update you on the job, they did call and they did offer it to me, but I turned them down. They only offered me the 10am-7pm shift and after talking about it, Dennis and I agreed that it just wouldn't be the best fit for our family. So, no big deal. That was the sign from God that we wanted and I'm glad it was abundantly clear.

I leave you with a final piece. I made a coffee cake today. And it is awesome. I am also working on a quilt for a friend of mine who just had a baby. I have no idea how to make a quilt but I decided I could figure it out. So in the course of a month I have baked cookies from scratch, made three purses, made a coffee cake, run a 5k and begun a quilt. I'm just a little soccer mom in the making!

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stella g. said...

go domestic diva, go! i just finished a quilt 5 minutes ago! (i started it 3 years ago.) if you have any questions, just let me know!