Saturday, September 6, 2008

2 things to blog about today...

First, Anakin slept in a big boy bed all by himself for the first time. Considering how horrifically this could have gone, it went really well. Upon installation of the bed, Anakin was a little concerned. A few "I no want that bed"s were thrown my way but once everything was said and done, he was fine. The crib disassembled fit much better into the closet than the twin bed (you have wide eyes right now but I'm serious) and the twin bed surprisingly, offers much more room in his nursery... which I guess we can't call a nursery anymore. He did concecrate the new change in his life with a fresh pee on the bed so I am off to target shortly to buy a protective sheet for it


The other thing we got is a new fridge. Home Depot called on Thursday afternoon to let us know they would be there betwenn 12:15 and 5:15 which made me feel like replying "Great! I'll pay you for it some time between tomorrow and Christmas!" They showed up around 7:30, but had called at 5:30 to let us know they would be 30 minutes late. I'd like you to take a moment and reread that last sentence and recognize that it didn't make sense.... Anyway, they were very apologetic and nice and did a great job with the installation. We threw out the first tray of ice as instructed and ran 4 gallons of water before consuming any (that's a lot of water in the middle of a drought!) and then we went to the grocery store this morning and replaced the $100 worth of groceries we lost. WHEW! I feel better now! It makes the whole ordeal much more bearable since I have something to show for it!

Coming soon on a journey somewhat familiar... Mr. Turtle.

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stella g. said...

haha - you're account of both stories makes me laugh! like the new fridge, even if people can't tell time. and i'm glad your little one likes his bed enough to "mark" it as his own! :)