Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm broke

We hit that wall again. That wall where we can't possibly make ends meet. That wall where we look at the credit card and try to decide if we should use the credit card or just not eat. Thank goodness that we sometimes choose to just not eat. Thank goodness that we just decide to do without. Those choices are not fun to make, but have to be made. Sometimes they have to be made. I'm proud of us that we choose to live differently, rather than just try to live the same with a different income.

I was offered a job at Anakin's school. Can I deal with three-year-olds (or whatever age they give me) for 6 hours a day? I don't know. But it can't possible be any worse than dealing with the idiots I dealt with on a daily basis when I had an office job. I mean seriously--at least the 4 year olds don't stab you in the back? Well at least not figuratively. Maybe literally. Anyway, all that to say, I told them I would take it. I told them I would be honored to take it. I want desperately for Anakin to be back in daycare and this will give us a little bit of extra money. Also, its 1.4 miles from the house, so I can walk, or ride a bike. I would only have to take the car when it rains or its too cold. So that will cut back on our costs tremendously.

So, anybody want to give me a bike?

Friday, August 1, 2008


Just a few updates. The claims adjuster and Ralph with Ark Enterprises came by on Wednesday and we are going to have to replace the entire roof. Luckily, they are going to cover everything except $500. In addition to the roof, they are replacing one piece of siding, a gutter and a section of sheet rock. Because a single piece of sheet rock is being replaced, they are going to paint the entire garage. Which is pretty awesome. While Ralph is here, he's going to fix a few other things for me as well. Unfortunately they can't fix anything until the roof is done and that won't even start for 3 weeks due to shingles being backordered because of all the stuff going on in the midwest.

The other thing to update you on is the baby-sitting gig. Christina decided to keep her son at daycare, which is fine. My house just wasn't convenient for her. Now, however, I have gotten an offer from the daycare Anakin used to stay with. They called me yesterday and have a teaching position open. I told them I would take it. While I don't especially want to go back to work right now, we have got to get out of debt. We can make ends meet with just Dennis' paycheck, but if I can work for 6-12 months, we could be out of debt and even without me working, we would still have the same amount of extra money. Basically, without car payments, we'd have an extra paycheck. We've been smart not to increase our standard of living even when we get increases in pay and I think that's really helped. Dennis has made incredibly smart decisions so that we can get what we want and what we need. I believe me losing my job was God kicking us into gear about our debt and I don't take it lightly. We are going to continue to live as if I do not have a pay check and we will get that debt gone in no time.