Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what about it?

I don't really have anything to blog about but considering I haven't really posted since I got back from Seattle and that was two weeks ago, I felt like I needed to post SOMETHING.

So let's talk about work. I really like what I am doing, but am reminded why I am not really able to work a full time job and do at home what I want to do. It's true, no wonder my house used to look like a mess!! Yeah it's looking pretty rough now too. Dennis is doing great, and helping out a lot, but he has his regular job and contract work to do on top of that. So it makes it difficult for both of us, trying to balance everything out. I make my own schedule so I have been able to work when Anakin is napping, at school, or in bed at night. This week, I cut back a little so I will have two days that I am not working while he is napping. I just need a little bit of breathing room if my family plans on having clean clothes to wear.

We are also getting the house reroofed which has been super awesome at nap time. *cue cheesey grin* They started on Monday and should be complete today, then they are going to work on the sheetrock that got damaged tomorrow. Then, $5k and four days later, crisis averted. HA!

So, I am off to work now. Hope everyone is having a good week, I will hopefully post some more soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The words I'd never say

I imagine the scene in slow motion like a shot from A Christmas Story. It starts with the offense, Me telling Anakin not to touch something. He says "why?" and the the camera cuts to my face. "Because..." I begin. Close up of my mouth, the words slow and the tone deapens "I saaaaaiiiid sooooooo" with little bits of spit hitting the lens. The shot moves out again and despair is my replaced expression. Oh no. I said it. It's out there. The words are in the air, hanging like mournful reminders that I'm slowly becoming my mother.

At what point do we become those parents? I know what point it is. The point that our two year old thinks the word "why" is an accessory. He throws it out carelessly at every available opportunity and with all the excuses I can find, this is the only one that offers no rebuttle. Because I said so. It is momy law. I said so and that is all there is. It's like when God said let there be light. He said it and so it was. Why? Because he said so.

So perhaps when the camera pulls back out, my narrator, just like in the movie came on and said "oh no. I said it. I said THOSE words. I felt the shame burning in my chest. What do I do? I must recover." My eyes dart around and I search for an answer. "Because I said so, and what I say goes." "There." my narrator starts again. "That fixes it. Not only did I say so, but what I say goes. That's right. Mommy law. I win." My chest puffs out and I continue with what I was doing. The camera pans back to Anakin and he is defeated in his why quest. There.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Seattle: day 1

I don't have any pictures because our digital camera is huge and it seemed like too much work to get it on the plane as I was trying to fit everything into ONE carry-on since Delta now requires $15 to check ANY luggage. Also, this is funny to me because when you get on the plane they go on and on and on about how cabin space is limited and so you may not be able to bring your carryon. *picture my face right now. yeah.*

The 5.5 hour flight was not as bad as I think it could have been. Though we spent almost an hour on the runway waiting for our turn to take off. At least that time was filled with anticipation in Anakin's eyes so it went by quickly. My DVD player died about 10 seconds into the flight, not because I didn't charge it but because I think the battery just wasn't taking the charge like it should. Luckily, the seats all had those TVs on the back of the head rest and had free cable with limited channels. You could choose from HGTV, Bravo, Nickelodeon, HBO, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN classic, NBC, CNBC and CNN. Naturally ours stayed on Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, TV shows don't hold Anakin's attention very long. Then, it ended up that we had the very last seat in the plane right next to the lavatories. At first, I was really upset about this, but then it ended up that all the flight attendants LOVED Anakin and so they ended up mooning over him the whole time. So he honestly spent most of the flight hanging out in their stations, getting free chips and walking up and down the isles with them. It ended up being a pretty uneventful flight, and I think that's awesome considering he was riding in my lap the whole time.

Lisa met me at the baggage claim about noon Seatlle time but we had to wait about an hour for m car seat to get back to there. Then we headed to the mall for some lunch with some of her other friends who just also happened to be visiting at the same time as me. After lunch, we dropped them off at their ferry and then headed to catch ours. We swung by the grocery store and picked up the goods to make homemade eggrolls and headed back to the house. Anakin was really really excited about the ferry. I think he was really impressed that our car went on a boat and that we were actually in the water. He kept talking about it all night.

Today, Lisa had to work which is why I've even got time to blog at all. She is at the club and so Anakin and I had around 7 hours to kill until she gets back. The first thing I did was give each of us a bath. We were disgusting after that trip. Then we went for a walk. Lisa's house is right on the 13th hole of a golf course so we went up to the 16th tee and back. Anakin loved it. On the way, I found a leftover pile of snow (now ice) from the big snowstorm they had last week. Anakin was really impressed as he's never seen snow before. I used my foot and broke a few pieces of it off and let him throw them around for a while and he liked that a lot. It was really cool to let him play with "snow."

So now we are back in the warmth of the house. I have the fire going and Anakin is watching Wall-E while I make iced tea and get our lunch ready. Which will probably consist of easy mac for Anakin and a turkey sandwich for myself. I'll let you guys know how it's going if I get time. Otherwise, see you next week.