Saturday, October 11, 2008

why am I up so late?

It is clearly too far into the wee hours for me to still be awake and yet... here I am. Taking a break from my SVU marathon on USA to poke around this great big world called interweb while Dennis is out getting me cookies. Why is dennis getting you cookies? This seems like an odd request for a perfectly normal-non-pregnant woman. (I'm not pregnant, promise) Well you see, with a pain so intense that it's creeping up my neck and right into my migraine prone head, comes a wicked case of nausea. And so I am not wanting to eat anything. Or drink anything. Or think about eating anything or drinking anything. But Dennis knows, no matter what, I will eat cookies. And a few cookies and a tall glass of milk is just enough substance to stabalize some ibuprofin in my (at the moment) incredibly unstable tummy.

So, about how the pain started. Dennis and I took a trip to Hilton Head at the end of June and while we were there, we decided to throw a football around. Well that day, it just happened to be really windy. So I ended up throwing the ball really hard--apparently too hard. I must have torn something because the front of my shoulder has been hurting ever since. I gave it about a month to heal, being careful not to use it too much and I took the liberty of making a few visits to a massage therapist to help work out the tension. It felt better for a little while but every day it just got a little worse and a little worse... Until yesterday when this sharp shooting pain started making its way up my shoulder into my neck. I thought it was a crick in my neck, but those go away and this definitely has NOT subsided. It feels better in the morning, and worse at night. Right now the pain is so bad, I can't even sleep (ergo dennis's late night trip to Kroger). So, should it subside tomorrow, all is well and I will schedule an appointment with a physical tharapist whenever (which means when this happens again.) Should it not subside, Monday morning, I will call my doctor, demand a reference to a PT and march my way into the PT's office and demand to be seen with my life-threatening injury. Ok. Maybe I won't be that dramatic. But considering how dramatic this pain is at the moment, I just may be.

OKay I am done rambling, I have to get off. Though no position aleviates the pain, sitting here typing is second only to playing video games (See what I mean about it being life threatening??!!) so I will ammuse you again tomorrow. Until then, my faithful blog-stalkers, I bid you happy evenings and good morrows!

ps i have no recipe for today, Dennis and I took a much needed break. I will give you one tomorrow... promise. ;)


stella g. said...

yuck. i'm so sorry about your neck/back/arm. although, i'm wondering if this is just a ploy to play more video games and eat more cookies. just saying...

if it is, well done. well done indeed.


Machelle said...

sorry about your pain, i have a great orthopediest if you need one.