Friday, October 24, 2008

  1. Finish the purses. Wait I forgot to mention that so that's not a recap. I made a few purses a while back and we have an auction at the retreat to raise money for the benevolance fund and so I said they could have my purses but honestly forgot there was so much work left to do on them!!
  2. Type out music details for team including schedule, keys, arrangements and notes
  3. Actually practice with the other vocalist (??!!)
  4. Get all the songs into powerpoint (this is the one I'm worried about)
  5. Get packed
  6. Find 90s stuff for some lame-o table I have to do. Like I have 90s stuff??! What defines 90s stuff?!
Okay lets do a checkoff.
#1: done. And actually, they look better than I anticipated. I'm sorry to see one of them go. I may end up bidding on it!
#2: done.
#3:will happen tonight. no big deal.
#4:done. and I'm very proud of myself here.
#5:about to do....
#6:I decided on a book of CDs that we have actually already burned over to MP3s so whatever.

OKay, I've made a lot of progress here. Who's proud of me?

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