Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good news

So my shoulder is feeling a bit better. Not a lot better but the pain is tolerable today. I really need to go to a doctor. I'm so anti-doctor. I'm scared he will say I need surgery and I really don't want to do that.

Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have a recipe today. Dennis was such a sweetie and took me out to eat today so I didn't have to cook. (my honey is the best!) but what I was going to make today was a boring mushroom porkchop recipe anyway. Nothing exciting.

We had a little regression today with potty training but its no big deal. We bought Anakin this today as a treat if he does well potty training. We are going to have a little chart for him to fill up with stickers and I will put the toy on top of the fridge so he has a visual aid to do well with potty training. This was advice from another mommy-friend of mine and at this point, I am taking everyone's advice. I was thinking today, that this actually wasn't that painful (considering.) I mean, all in all, it could have been a lot worse. And even though I know we will have some set backs in the coming months, he is definitely potty-trained and that means I did it in about 3 weeks and I say thats pretty darn impressive. I hear moms who have been potty training for like a year and are still having problems with it. While I recognize that it all depends on the kid, I'm just thankful everyday that I have such an easy kid and that God blessed us with someone that fit us so well. He is such a goofball, and such a love bug, and an allround really fun kid to be around and I'm so thankful God has blessed us so immensley. And let me just add, that I can't believe this thankfulness has been brought on by the practice of peeing and pooping. haha

Tomorrow's menu is Cashew Brocolli Chicken which is a pampered chef recipe I got from a friend. I don't use cashews because they are too expensive so I need to think of a new name for it. But it is DELISH!

PS, Machelle, I do want the number to your Orthopedist.


Misti said...

I hope y'all are feeling better. We missed you this morning. I'm glad to hear that the PT is going well. I hope you know that I'll be coming to you for advice sometime in the near(ish) future. Chris thinks we should go ahead & start Jonathan, but I'm just not sure he's ready. I know I'm not. ;o)

stella g. said...

glad you're shoulder is feeling a little better. that broccoli chicken thing sounds AMAZING. i'm definitely interested.