Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weekend in review

I am a little reluctant to post my true feelings of how this weekend went. As a whole, it was awesome. There was a great move of the spirit at the retreat and many women were phenomenally moved and impressed upon. More than anything, these women came to a better realization of God's intention in creating each of them individually. The series was a lot about who we are in Christ, that we are uniquely designed and that God has great intentions for us. We talked a lot about the scripture "God knew you before he made you" and what that really means, not just that he knew you, but that he knew all your ways and all your goings and therefor placed you in this life, at this time, with these purposes. All of that was awesome.

I did struggle a lot with the other musician. We did well when we practiced on Thursday, but when we got up there, it just kind of fell apart. I don't know. She is not the kind of piano player you can lean on. I wish I had known that. In practice, I leaned on her for a few songs and she did fine, but when we got up there, she couldn't keep tempo, she played wrong notes. I give up. I was really frustrated and wanted Beba (the director) to let me choose my own team but I didn't want to say no to a willing spirit, you know? Oh well. If she asks me to lead again next year, I want to choose my own team and I will put my foot down about it. Also, the other musician had asked if I would play with her again in future and I now know my answer will be no for that. I just don't think I can work with her again. We are two different kinds of musicians and we just didn't work well together.

So, overall, the weekend went well. But it was a learning experience and now I know a lot more about working with a music team that I am in charge of instead of following other people--which is what I have don ein the past.

On a side note, Dennis and I are going to a big halloween party on Friday (after trick-or-treating) that's adults only. I picked out my costume earlier this week, I will be going as a sexy school girl. So today we went to party city to get Dennis's and we got him the priest outfit to match. Awesome. I will definitely take pictures of that!

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