Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what about it?

I don't really have anything to blog about but considering I haven't really posted since I got back from Seattle and that was two weeks ago, I felt like I needed to post SOMETHING.

So let's talk about work. I really like what I am doing, but am reminded why I am not really able to work a full time job and do at home what I want to do. It's true, no wonder my house used to look like a mess!! Yeah it's looking pretty rough now too. Dennis is doing great, and helping out a lot, but he has his regular job and contract work to do on top of that. So it makes it difficult for both of us, trying to balance everything out. I make my own schedule so I have been able to work when Anakin is napping, at school, or in bed at night. This week, I cut back a little so I will have two days that I am not working while he is napping. I just need a little bit of breathing room if my family plans on having clean clothes to wear.

We are also getting the house reroofed which has been super awesome at nap time. *cue cheesey grin* They started on Monday and should be complete today, then they are going to work on the sheetrock that got damaged tomorrow. Then, $5k and four days later, crisis averted. HA!

So, I am off to work now. Hope everyone is having a good week, I will hopefully post some more soon!

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