Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Belated Birthday Blog

Ok so I have to say that I had the BEST birthday!! It was awesome! Dennis got up at the usual 7am with Anakin and took him downstairs so I could get that much appreciated one more hour of sleep. Then I took an inexcusably long shower. I did homework and got 100 on the subsequent quiz, ate lunch with one of my best buds and her kids (who are Anakin's best buds) and then Dennis came home at 3 so I could go get a pedicure. On the way I stopped by Target and bought myself two pairs of running shorts for $10 each (rock on!) and two long-sleeve t's each $2.50 each (double rock on!). Then I had the most amazing pedicure and shoulder massage EVA! It was pure pure pure bliss.

Wednesday night we had to go to a class so we didn't get to do a dinner celebration but instead I asked a few friends and our "family" here in town to meet at Johnny's Pizza for Thursday night trivia night with Kelly from Bustin Heads. Here's the thing--Kelly is hilarious. He makes it so fun. And even though I consider Trivia a make-you-feel-stupid game, we had a blast. The stars aligned AGAIN and the last question happened to be something we knew and no one else did. So we ended up winning the whole thing! This is awesome because there are regulars that do Kelly's trivia every week and so it's hard to even place at these things. We kind of just got lucky. But, to spend our winnings, we will be heading over to Johnny's again this Thursday. And who knows, maybe we'll take em again since my mom will be with us!!

My future postings will include: spider man reward chart for Anakin (I need a new approach) and the caterpillars eating my front yard... yes the whole yard.

Stay Tuned!

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stella g. said...

well, happy birthday to you! i think a fun birthday is a MUST. otherwise it's just like any other day. and winning at trivia? nothing like feeling smart on your bday, too!