Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monthly posting is thumbs up!!

Hey Look! It's been a month! Guess it's time to post again!!!

School starts in two weeks. Scared? Yes. Senseless. My mouth is dry and my throat grows numb just thinking about it. So so so scared. Scared of failing. There's something different about being a grown up and suddenly realizing that if I do fail at something, it's not just myself I'm letting down. On one hand, it fills me with a surge of adrenaline in realizing that failure is not an option. But on the other hand, knowing that I got a C in biology only because I sat next to Laura Buchanon in 10th grade reminds me that this is going to take a lot of work. And effort. And time. All things I am often running a little low on these days.

On a brighter update, I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and it's actually going really well. I've been doing it for three weeks and I'm losing a pound a week on it which is super awesome for me! I have been battling the last of my weight from Anakin for about 6 months (and by "battling" I mean looking at the scale and being mad about it and making a half-hearted attempt at actually trying to lose it.) with little luck. I hit a plateau in January and haven't made a lot of progress since then, whether my effort was half or whole-hearted. But with this, I got below that barrier that has really been hurting me and I'm pretty excited about that. For those of you that follow me on facebook, I've also been supplementing my daily workout with a bi-weekly run on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Anakin is at school. That's been awesome. It's so nice to get back to running and I'm so excited to have a running partner--not only because she keeps me accountable, but she also runs about the same pace I do so it's been great running together. Now, let me not even start about the fact that she is running with a stroller and I'm not... *sigh* At least I'm running.

So that's the current update. I'm hoping (like always) to update more often. Since I will have my own laptop soon, that may acutally happen. No promises.

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stella g. said...

how's that school thing going???