Saturday, February 7, 2009

excuse me sir, but you're blocking my driveway.

So I came home from the park today to find this in my front yard:

It seems our idiot neighbors thought it would be a good idea to burn something in their yard, it caught fire, and burned the entire fence down, among some other things in their yard. The property line where the fence was destroyed is not actually ours, which is good, but it's still pretty lame that now the privacy fence is offering no privacy at all so I suspect we will help Timmy, our other neighbor, rebuild it as soon as all the waterlog subsides. This is what the back of Timmy's house looked like:
um yeah, thats not a gate. That's where said firemen took out about 10 feet of fence so they could better access the fire.

This is just to the left of the previous picture. The fire went about 200 feet or so across these people's property line.

Smore's anyone?


Misti said...

Whoa! That could've been so much worse. Glad to hear no one was hurt!

BTW - Tag, you're it!

stella g. said...

oh my goodness! you guys had an eventful day!