Wednesday, July 30, 2008

rain, roofs, and insurance adjusters

Ok so it all began a few days ago, when a rain storm came so strong I thought truly we were in that scene from Forrest Gump when he talks about the rain going siiidewaays, and forwaaard and sometimes even from underneath. (please insert southern accent here) The rain and wind was so incredibly intense that I literally stood at the back door, watching the pines sway just praying that Lord if they fall, let them fall the other way.

The next morning I went to get in my car to go running (I know you're impressed that I run. I mean, I'm impressed.) and I saw that there was spackle (is that what I szhould call it) on the floor. I looked up, and saw this:

I instantly called Ralph Jester over at Ark Enterprises, and if you live in the Southeast (they go as north as Charlotte and as South as Orlando) then I highly recommend this company. I had a working relationship with them anyway, and that's why I knew they were trustworthy, but they have by far exceeded my expectations. They showed up within 4 hours, have worked out the whole claim with the insurance company, and have been friendly and knowledgeable. Ralph also offered to go ahead and pressure wash for me when he does the work. He even met the insurance adjuster here so that he could see what she sees. He had made every effort to earn my trust and I couldn't be more impressed.

All that to say, they are coming back later today to do the final measurements on the highest part of our roof because they had to go get a bigger ladder. But I have every confidence that Ralph will take care of me and do a great job. What I really hope is that we don't need a whole new roof and that he is able to fix it with patches. I also hope he is able to do all the work for whatever the insurance is willing to pay so I don't have to do anything out of pocket. **fingers crossed!!

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